A Daughter Without A Mother by Debbie Cantrell Bowers


A Daughter Without A Mother

A Mother's love I never had,
She said because I was so bad.
My Mother died many years ago,
Although she's not buried you know.
She lives in a big, fancy house all bitter inside
Her life has been a long terrible ride.
In the dark of night for my mama I've cried,
But it does no good you see, cuz my mama has died.
If she only knew all the pain and hurt she's brought on,
Maybe then she would say its gone on too long!
But with her family she's cut off all ties,
Except for the family members she buys,
Because they know only some of her lies.
I'm not the only child, I have a brother,
But the problem is she never wanted to be a Mother.
And as our hearts were torn and broken,
Words of comfort and love from her were never spoken.
To the rest of the world, she acts like a queen,
But its all a fantasy, its only her dream.
I know my mother lacks clear thinking,
But you see it is all because of her drinking.
Vodka is her lover, companion, and friend,
And that is the way it will be til the end.
She's already gone to me like I said,
So how will I feel when she really is DEAD?

Copyright 2003 Debbie Cantrell Bowers




The Midi playing is called "Missing You." The performer, arranger, and composer is Yuko Ohigashi. Copyright 1996-2003. It is used with her permission.

Sept. 15, 2002