Clarabow Go to the Vet....Oh NO!!! by Debbie Cantrell Bowers

Clarabow go to the Vet....Oh NO!!!!!!!

Just another day, except for the fact that I was to deliver a maltese puppy to her new mommy at a birthday party that evening. Clarabow ,who had already been named, turned six weeks old today and had to have her puppy shots or she would not go to her new home. Well, we had an appointment at eleven thirty am so we would have plenty of time for her to get over any effects that she might have from her shots. She was a precious little bundle of joy who already thought she was a movie star, I guess because she was named after one!

Well, it was going on 11:00 am so no harm in leaving a little early so I piled Clarabow and her brother Boomer into the front seat of the car and off to the Vets we went! Of course they played all the way but by the time we got there Clarabow had been using Boomer as a pillow as she always did at home!

As they felt the car stop and the engine turn off, the chaos began! Boomer leaped into the back seat and as my attention turned to getting him, Clarabow slid under the front seat. So I proceeded to get Boomer and took him into the vet's office and left him with the nurse. I told him I would be back and that I had to retreive Clarabow from underneath the front seat.

Well, when I got to the car I truly expected to see her at the window waiting for me, but that was not the case. I opened the door and called her name but no Clarabow! I talked baby talk, I begged her, I promised her the world! Then I got worried that maybe she had somehow gotten out or was stuck under the seat. So I crawled onto the front seat floorboard, but I did not care. I only wanted Clarabow to come out!

As there was barely room for me to be where I was, I carefully turned my head to be able to look under the seat and there she was, almost nose to nose to me. Those big sparkly black eyes and her little pink tongue were hanging out as she was panting away. It was a warm day!! I tried everything to get her to come out, but no luck! I tried to get my arm under the seat to get ahold of her but she would not budge. The car had electric seats with all those wires and very close to the floorboard. Okay, it was time to panic now!

I ran back into the vet's office and told everyone what had happened, and within two minutes, Dr. Newlin and all his staff were out at my car with treats and toys and everything that would have brought a normal puppy out. However, not Clarabow! She loved an audience and boy did she have one!! Well, one at a time the staff and the doctor had to get back inside. They tried to reassure me with saying that she has to come out sometime and to just bring her on in when she does!

Well, lunch time came and went! Already people bringing their pets to the doctor's office had stopped to see what had happened. They offered their ideas but Nothing was going to get Clarabow out from under the seat...not if she had her way!!!

There was a little hamburger spot across the street known for their food. As I scanned the parking lot I saw a couple good ole boys coming out, and I hollered to them and motioned for them to come over. When they did, I told them what was going on and they tried to get Clarabow to come out. They used all the tricks they could think of with no luck. So they were looking at each other and scratching their heads and looked at each other again, and one whispered something to the other one and he nodded his head. They turned their attention to the car seat and gave it a good looking over. They then came over to me and said the only thing they could possibly think of to do that would work was to take out the front seat of my Audi!!! Well, that took me back a bit, but by then it was 3:30pm, so what was I to do? I told them it was alright, but that we have to be careful not to hurt her in any way. So they got into their toolbox and pulled out a pile of assorted tools and the job began.

Of course that really drew an audience for sure!!! Well, another 45 minutes went by, and as they had the seat all undone and ready to lift up so I could get her out, Clarabow came walking out as if she was on a model's runway!! I snatched her up and held her tight and the audience applauded the two heros. I thanked them from the bottom of my heart. They each wanted to hold her after all that they did. They still had another 45 minutes work to do putting my seat back on the track

I ran inside with Clarabow so she could get her shots before they closed!! Thank God that there still are some good hearted people around to help someone in need!!!

So a happy ending to all...Clarabow got her shots, and got delivered to her new mommy at the birthday party that night.

***Please stay tuned for the further adventures of Clarabow....!!!!

Copyright 2003 Debbie Cantrell Bowers

4 June 2002; Revised 8 May 2003.

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