Clarabow Fetch...Oh NO!!!!! by Debbie Cantrell Bowers

"Clarabow...Fetch...Oh No!!!!!"

Well, as we left lil Clarabow...she had gotten her shots and was delivered to a wonderful woman named Wanda. She is a friend of mine and she loves her very much. In fact, Clarabow is the Queen of the house.

She lives in a beautiful house up on a hill. She is all grown up...beautiful...with long pure white hair that flows along as she prances into a room.

Well, for the first year of her life she would run from Wanda and she would beg Clarabow just to come to her. I told her it was like a child going through the juvenile part of their life and it was. She is glued to Wanda now and loves her with all of her heart.

But there is a twist to the story here... All the tricks we try to teach our doggies such as fetch, being the most common, well, poor Wanda worked and worked to teach her to fetch. However, when she threw the toy, Clarabow would run over to it and bark til Wanda got up and got the toy and took it back to her chair. She would give it another toss and tell her, "Go get it, Clarabow..go fetch..." Well she would run over to it and sit there and bark til...yep you guessed it....Wanda learned how to fetch! And to this day that is how they play fetch.

Now let me tell you how she lives....She has the best dog food but does not eat it. The cook makes her roasts and baked chicken and pork loin and even filet mignon!!

She sleeps with Wanda every single night and always right up next to her and does not want any of the other doggies. Oh, did I mention she has 4??...ha..ha..ha...but that is another story!

Now Clarabow, you see, loves to watch her figure so she eats when she is ready to, which is not everyday. But when chicken is cooking and she has not eaten the last couple of days, then she digs in and gobbles every little morsel! Now when she is on one of her diets and she happens to see a box of treats up on the counter there will be no peace, as Clarabow will bark until Wanda gives her and the other babies some treats!!!

Oh and she has her own groomer who comes to Wanda's home and grooms all the babies. Well, that Clarabow, she knows exactly when it is her turn and runs and hides!!! Ha...Ha!!! Of course, she gets her bath and her bows, but while she is being washed she cries, and while she is being blown dryed, too!

Well, before I go, let me tell you how she got her name. When Wanda was a little girl a friend of her mother's took her to see a silent movie and the star was Clarabow! Well, Wanda always loved her and remembered her ever since that first movie that she saw of her. So when she knew she was getting a puppy from my litter she told me from the very beginning that she was gonna name her after Clarabow. When you think about it it really does fit her perfectly as she completely believes she is a movie star!

Please come back soon and join me in another Clarabow adventure!!!!

Copyright Debbie Cantrell Bowers 2003

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November 4, 2003
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