Clarabow the Bathroom Rug...Oh NO!!!! by Debbie Cantrell Bowers

Clarabow the Bathroom Rug...OH NO!!!

Okay, now we all know that Clarabow is a movie star....and don't try to tell her any different!! Well, you know when you get famous, that everybody wants to know everything! So let's take a trip back to the days of puppyhood...

We had two litters of malteses at one!!! I was never one to put a puppy in a cage, so they were kitchen raised and had the run of the house!!! But we did have one special bedroom put aside as the puppy nursery for the puppies and our cockatoo named Rosie. She was peach colored and loved to talk!!! At night we closed the door so they would not get themselves into any trouble! And believe me, they got into mischief! Ha! Ha!

The way the bedroom and bath were positioned, is if I was sitting in my bedroom chair I could look straight across the hall to our bathroom and inbetween my bedroom and bathroom was the puppy nursery. Oh, and did I mention that I never got much sleep when the nursery was full...Ha! Ha!

Clarabow had a brother named Boomer... and he served a wonderful purpose in the first weeks of his lil life. He was Clarabow's pillow!! Never mind that we had a huge pillow in the shape of a floppy-eared doggie named Dinky. Boomer was much softer, I'm sure! So Boomer had no choice in the matter as Clarabow was just a princess then. It was her way or the hallway!!!

When they were first born their mama, whose name was Angel, took care of most of the caring of them, but after about 3 weeks that got old,and poor Angel would have to run and hide from them to get just a little break! Then it became my job to take over and cook them mashed potatoes and oatmeal and start weaning them and get them to eat on their own.

Now they are about 4 weeks old and going strong and well on their way to a medium-fast crawl. So of course, it did not take them long for them to notice....hey...there is more than just this room in our world!!

It started with just Clarabow peeking out the doorway and getting herself a good look, and right back in she went!! Well, she kept on doing that again and again....and each time she would come out a little farther and stay a little longer...and then the fun began! Try going to the bathroom with puppies all around you and all under your feet. Well, you just learn to do what I call the puppy shuffle!!! It's not get sit down... They want in your lap and it never ends!!!!

Clarabow and Boomer were very close;they were like twins. Clarabow being the more dramatic one by far! They had everything they needed in their their big pillow, Dinky. What more could a puppy ask for??? Every puppy we ever had slept, played, and ate on Dinky. But Clarabow wanted something else...something more soft...She wanted the fluffy bathroom rug!! Yep...she wanted that rug, and soon after discovering it she decided it should be part of the nursery. Why, Boomer would love it, too!!!

Now in the evenings when I would be glued to the tv watching the OJ trial in my recliner, I kept my door open and would watch them run in and out of their room.....jumpin...playin...stumblin...over and over each other, just having a ball!!! Then they noticed another room...and they saw me and that was the end of my peace and quiet!!! Ha! Ha! So into my room they would run to see if I was in my room, and when they saw me they would run up to the recliner and jump and bark that lil baby bark. So cute! How could I resist??? I would pick them up and put them on the recliner and they full speed ahead went straight to my face and covered me with puppy kisses. Okay, enough is enough! I would play with them and try to wear them out, but truth be told, they would wear me out first!! So then it was time to put them back down and let them run into the living room and terrorize Danny, my husband. Ha! Ha!

Well, on this particular night Clarabow decided to do some rearranging...and that she did! As I tried to watch tv, out of the corner of my eye I saw the bathroom rug walk by and make a turn into the nursery. I could not believe my eyes! I got up and went and looked in the nursery and there was the rug and Clarabow and Boomer just playing on it and having themselves a ball. So not having the heart to take it up and put it back in the bathroom, I let them sleep on it that night.

They got a wonderful night's sleep as they were up bright and early and I could hear them at their door whining for me to get up and open up their world.

Oh and Rosie was squaking in the background...."Time to get up"...."Time to get up"..."Rosie wants an eggo"..."Rosie wants an eggo!!!!!!!" Okay, no more sleep in this house, so I get up and open the door and feed them and give them fresh water and put them out on the deck so I could clean their room and take care of Rosie, too.

Come evening time, same spot. I'm in my recliner, and the puppies are doing race track running. Then they got tired. Yep, you guessed it! Into the bathroom Clarabow went and into the nursery the fluffy rug went with her. So every night that continued. They played themselves out and when it was bedtime, Clarabow would run into the bathroom and get her and Boomer that soft fluffy rug. From that night on, it was night after night that Clarabow would get that rug for her and Boomer. She had already made the decision that her life would be nothing less than luxury!!!

***Now, there's alot more to come about Clarabow...and we still have at least a dozen other puppies that you will get to know!

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