Clarabow's Red Velvet Chair...Oh NO!!!! by Debbie Cantrell Bowers

Clarabow's Red Velvet Chair...Oh NO!!!!

Well, here we go again, back up the road to the big house at the very top of the hill where Clarabow, the little queen of the house, lives.

Just as soon as she could, she learned how to hop up onto the chairs and couches and loveseats and go up and down the stairs.

Of course, you know that Clarabow hand picks all her favorite things to be around her and that big throne like red velvet chair that sat in the kitchen turned out to be her favorite! She had tagged it in her mind as hers and no one else's! Ha! She sure does look like a lil queen laying in the chair, with her gorgeous long flowing white hair all around her. Did I mention that she has been crowned Queen of the Precious by Wanda?? Ha! Ha!

Okay, here is how it all started...Wanda has so many beautiful pieces of furniture like antiques, and she has alot of it. So sometimes she gets an urge to part with some of it. On this particular day Wanda decided that she would have the University drama dept. come over and pick up the items she did not want any more. She knew that they would make good use of them in the plays they put on. All the furniture was moved out onto the driveway and one of those items was the big red velvet chair! Oh boy! Just hold on til Clarabow takes notice of this!

Oftentimes Clarabow and the rest of the lil doggies would lay around in the mornings in their den and pretend to be asleep while Wanda rushed around tidying up. She would fill their little dishes with food and fresh water and pick up their toys which were strewn from one end of the den to the other!!! Then the final touch...fluffing up the pillows! For some reason I just know that they lie there, especially Clarabow, with one eye open, just to make sure that everything is perfect. And of course it is, because that is where they learned it from..from Wanda! Ha! Ha!

Their mama would hurry to finish so she could start cooking them a delicious pork loin with rice which is one of their favorites!!! Never have I seen such happy and content lil babies. Of course, all we animal lovers know that all the love, loyalty, laughter and kisses they give us is more than enough payment for us!

So now the roast was into about an hour of cooking and the aroma filled the kitchen and found its' way into the den. Now all is well and happy. I would be, too! Wouldn't you??

So we thought that maybe it was the wonderful aroma of roast that perked Clarabow up and that she had decided she would spend the rest of the time enjoying that aroma in the kitchen and on her big red chair! Why what could possibly be any better than that? She so calmly pranced into the kitchen with her long white hair flowing along the floor. Life was Good!! But then something happened. It took Clarabow by surprise and it did not take long for that composed little prance to turn into a frantic run through the house...hunting...looking...sniffing...for her red velvet chair! "Well where could it be,?" she wondered. "I must look again and again!" Now she had worked herself into a frenzy!! And as she continued her hunt, Wanda discovered that Clarabow was devastated that her red velvet chair was gone!! Wanda was taken back and surprised that it was even that important to her. After all, they sat and laid and slept on all the couches and chairs.

Now that Wanda saw how upset that Clarabow was, she rushed to the back door to see if there was any chance that the drama club had not been there yet. Well, of course they had and it all was gone, including Clarabow's red velvet chair!! Well, in all that commotion Clarabow had not even taken the time to go back where her chair was or she would have noticed that Wanda had replaced it with a beautiful rose colored love seat!

As Clarabow raced non-stop through the house there went Wanda right behind her calling her name and trying to get her to stop running. Well, finally after what must have been an hour at seemed like alot longer...ha..ha..Wanda had gone into the den to take a rest and up on her lap jumped Clarabow!! Well she gave her a big hug and told her let's go see what mama got you, and she carried Clarabow into the kitchen to the new rose colored love seat and they sat down. Well, that was short lived as Clarabow sniffed a little here and a little there. Why that was not her red velvet chair!! And you can bet that Clarabow will not be happy til she gets her red velvet chair BACK!! Oh, and neither will Wanda...Ha! Ha!

Well folks, stay tuned for your next Clarabow adventure!!!

Copyright 2003 Debbie Cantrell Bowers

The Midi playing is called "Happy Days." The performer, arranger, and composer is Yuko Ohigashi. Copyright 1996-2003. It is used with her permission.

Photos of Clarabow are Copyright 2003 by Debbie Bowers

Float script provided by Lissa Explains.

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