Clarabow Has Surgery...Oh NO!!!! by Debbie Cantrell Bowers

Clarabow Has Surgery...OOH NOO!!!!!

We travel back up to the house at the top of the hill...where the Queen of Precious, Clarabow, lives with Wanda...and Bubba, Cagney and Penny...

By the way, I will be writing about all the babies too, so please keep checking back!

About 3 weeks ago Wanda was at home busy planning a trip to go visit her family, and was very excited and looking forward to all the family getting together. In the middle of all of the packing, cleaning, and shopping, she noticed that Clarabow was not feeling very well and had not been eating. Wanda immediately called the vet and told him that she must be checked as she would be gone a few days. So she made an appointment for Friday as she was due to leave on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, all the babies were sensing that something was happening and that mama was gonna go somewhere. They always know her routine and how she does everything so they were all worried now. When is mama leaving? When will she be home? And on and on... They are sooo smart!

Well, she sat down and they all gathered around her and she told them that she was going to visit her children and family but that she would miss them very much and come right back home to them as always. From the very beginning I would always babysit when she went to visit her children and we would all have such a good time!

Okay, time to get back to the packing and the Dr. appointment that was the very next day for Clarabow...When Friday came Wanda was up bright and early feeding all the babies and then off to the vets with Clarabow. The vet checked her out good and told Wanda that she needed gum surgery and that was why she was not eating very much for days at a time! So knowing that Wanda would never leave with one of the babies sick, they set the surgery for Monday. Now remember that she was set to leave Tuesday...the very next day!!

So everything started in motion and Elle and I got all kinds of prayer requests sent out for our Clarabow, as we wanted everything to go perfectly and for her to heal quickly!!

Then all we could do was wait for Monday. Whew!! A long weekend that was!!!

Monday came and Wanda got up early and wisked Clarabow off to the vets for her surgery. They told her she could be picked up at the end of the day as long as everything went well. Well needless to say, more praying all day Monday!!!

So at the end of the day Wanda called and they told her to come and pick her lil Queen up so off she went, and how relieved she was to have her back in her arms again!! Well, Clarabow on the other hand, was not quite as enthusiastic as she was still fuzzy from the anesthesia. It would take a few more hours to wear off, which of course is normal. But it did not take long for Wanda to call and delay her trip until Wednesday so she could be with Clarabow. It would have been too much and she would not have handled it as well if her mama had not been there with her! Wanda had even considered not going at all but it all worked out fine and Wanda left on Wednesday and came back home as planned. When she returned she saw a brand new Clarabow who was eating like a little pig now that she was better. And now she eats everyday along with the other babies...and all is well!!!!

We would like to thank everyone for all of the emails and prayers. We not only heard from those we know but also from people we did not even know. Thank you and God Bless you all!!! Wanda and all of us appreciate your concern.

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October 28, 2003
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