Clarabow's Red Velvet Chair...GONE...Oh NO!!!! by Debbie Cantrell Bowers


Clarabow's Red Velvet Chair..GONE...OOH NOO!! we go back up to the house at the top of the hill where the commotion continues over the loss of the Red Velvet Chair! Poor Wanda has done everything that she can think of to keep Clarabow's mind off her chair. Ha! That is much easier said than done!!! How could anyone think that she would want a brand new rose velvet loveseat instead of her chair???

Now Wanda has taken a roast out of the fridge and has it in the oven cooking, just hoping that it will take Clarabow's mind off the Red Velvet Chair. Poor Clarabow is in the den just lying there and not playing or running with the other doggies. She is just too sad to play!!

Boy, the aroma of that roast has filled the kitchen and is flowing into the den where the babies are patiently waiting for it to be dinnertime. One by one they come into the kitchen to be closer to their mama and to the aroma that has filled the kitchen by now. As Wanda looks around at her babies, there is no Clarabow. She peeks into the den and there she is as beautiful as can be, but all alone, and will not come into the kitchen!

So Wanda knows that she now must do something! She decides to go outside and take another good look around the house. Sure enough, no chair in the driveway, which is partly in back of her house. She then walked around the house and looked down the road and she could tell that there was something lying in the road. So she headed right on down there to get a good look at what it could be. Well, the closer she was Clarabow's Red Velvet the road! Obviously, it had fallen off the truck! Oh joy! How happy she was that it was there and did not make it to the college!!! Well there was no way that Wanda could carry that big Red Velvet Chair back up to the house! So she looked around, as she was not going to leave the chair for even a moment!

Wanda saw her neighbor out in his yard and called for him, and as he looked her way, she motioned for him to come over. Well, he did, and as he carried Clarabow's chair up to the house, Wanda told him how it had gotten there. Now she could smile about it!! I just wish you all could have been there to see Clarabow come back to life when Wanda and her neighbor came in the door with her Red Velvet Chair in hand. She was elated and just plum bubbling over with happiness!! They moved the new loveseat into another room, and her chair was placed right back where it had been! Wanda dusted it off and no sooner did she finish, then Clarabow jumped up in it.

It was now dinnertime, and as she thanked her kind neighbor as he left, Wanda was fixing their roast and rice, cutting it up for them and arranging it on their little saucers. Well, Clarabow did not give Wanda any problems about eating that night! She gobbled up her roast and rice and wanted more! Wanda was so happy and so was Clarabow. Of course, that made the other babies happy, too!!! Life is good in the house at the top of the hill!!!

Copyright 2003 Debbie Cantrell Bowers

The painting is ŠTom Sierak and used with his permission.
 The name of the painting is "The *Toy* Shopper".   

Float code provided by Lissa Explains

Photos of Clarabow Copyright Debbie Bowers 2003

The Midi playing is called "Happy Days." The performer, composer, and arranger is Yuko Ohigashi. Copyright 1996-2003. It is used with her permission.

April 1, 2001