Daddy Can You Hear Me? by Debbie Cantrell Bowers



Daddy Can You Hear Me?

I only live a days drive away,
But they've never brought them here to play.
To stay away from me you see and break my heart-
My mother has paid them from the start!
So now I live my life without a family's love..
It's very sad and it always makes me cry...
For my mother to be so cold and mean and she doesn't even have to try.
So I ask for your love from up above...
And I will make you so proud of me.
Because I will write all about the players in this mystery!
So Daddy..keep your eyes on me!
And I will make a big will see!!!"

Copyright 2003 Debbie Cantrell Bowers





The photo was taken by Petch Photography and retains their sole ©copyright.  It may NOT be redistributed nor used separate from this set in any manner.  We thank the beautiful model, Catherine, for posing for our set.  

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The Midi playing is called "Mist On The Water." The composer and performer is David W. Folsom. Copyright 1999. The song is used with his permission.

©Jan 8, 2003