Happy Birthday Debs!!




Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday Dear Debs ("Lucy")
Happy Birthday.....To You!!!!!

Dearest "Sis",

I don't have much to give you for your birthday except my undying love and friendship. I wanted so much to be able to make this birthday an "extra special" one for you, and the best that I could do was to throw you this little birthday party on the internet!!!

So.....I hope that anyone who reads this birthday page will be sure and sign your guestbook with happy birthday wishes for you!!!!

I pray that this year brings you good health, some much deserved happiness and peace of mind, and the best of luck. No one deserves a wonderful life more than you do!

Happy Birthday on "March 17" !!!
With Tons of Love,
Ellen ("Ethel")



The Midi playing is called Birthday. The composer is David W. Folsom. It is used with his permission. Copyright 1999.



The beautiful painting used for this set is by artist, Penny Parker, and used with her permission.  The painting was altered slightly with the permission of Ms. Parker.  

ŠNov 17, 2003

The wonderful glow script is thanks to Kurt Grigg.