Here Kitty Kitty, Here Kitty Kitty...OH NOOO!!!!! by Debbie Cantrell Bowers

I have been ill for awhile with a severe bladder infection so I have not been writing my stories as often as I would like. Now with that said, on with the story!

It was just last Thursday and it had been a calm day. There was nothing much going on and I did a little grilling and a few dishes, and after dinner went up to my room to watch some TV. Well the antibiotics they have me on are so strong that I can barely keep my eyes open and that is not good for a writer. Ha ha!! So instead of watching my reality shows which I LOVE, I fell asleep in my big overstuffed chair. Meanwhile, my lil doggies took advantage of my not being awake to oversee their antics. So when I got my eyes opened and focused, it looked like it had snowed in my room. Of course it hadn't, but one would have thought that!! I got up to do some inspecting and Maggie-Mae, my Bichon who is still in her puppy stage, had gotten ahold of a brand new box of kleenex and had torn every single one into shreds!!! What a mess! I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 1 AM which meant that I had been asleep since 7 PM, getting a good 6 hours of sleep. I was wide awake now.

I could not run the vacuum as all that kleenex would have clogged it up!! So I got down on my hands and knees and picked up every single piece, and boy, was my back ever killing me by now!! So I went to throw all of that away and decided to go back and watch some more TV since I had not gotten to watch it before. Ha! Well nothing good was on and I decided to come downstairs and get on the computer and read some emails, maybe even play a little poker. I love to play poker! That sounded good if I could get a poker table. Well I got bored with that so I read some emails.

Meanwhile, Dusty, my longtime Maltese companion, who I will eventually write about, was going nuts. He will not go to the bathroom in the house and when he acts like that he is telling me that he needs to go out...NOW!! Ha!! So I got up and Maggie and Sophie and Dusty all ran in front of me barking. As I opened the kitchen door they ran out barking, which is normal and then they calm down, do their business, and run and play.

As I heated up some water for some tea I heard all **** break loose. All I could think of was that one of the big dogs that run loose had jumped over our fence, so I was scared to death. I ran out barefoot and in my shorts and tee shirt to see what all the commotion was all about!! Well..I got out there and saw nothing. I had the back porch light on but you cannot see around the sides of the house at night. They were still barking like crazy, so I went around to the side of the house and they were all barking at a big bush while in their attack stance...hahahaha.. All together they might weigh 20 lbs. Well I still did not see anything so I decided to bring them in. I had to carry them in as they would not come in on their own.

Lil 2 lb. Sophie was the last one that I put inside, but that lil rascal is quicker than lightening, and she got out before the door shut and was right back at the bush! As I got a little closer and adjusted my eyes I saw a lil white face and thought to myself that all this commotion was over Miss Charlotte...Danny's white cat who goes out at night and he stays up til all hours waiting on his lil princess to come back home before he will close the house up for the night. I thought that since she was right there that I would do him a favor and bring her in. I bent over and started to say, "Miss Charlotte." She is not very fond of me. Nothing. So I started to say, "Here kitty kitty kitty," and as I was saying this I reached into the bush to gently pick her up. All of a sudden I was being attacked! Something had bitten me and clawed my arms to shreds. I jumped back, grabbed Sophie, and ran screaming into the house.

I yelled, "Danny...Danny....hurry come here and grab a flashlight!." So downstairs he came and asked what was going on. I told him the short version and he said, "Oh you were just seeing things!!" Yea right, Danny, right...My arms were bleeding everywhere.

He went out into the backyard and said, "I don't see anything!!!" So I ran and got my shoes, went back outside and showed him the bush and told him that that was where the monster was. There in that bush!! So he further investigated while I was cleaning my wounds!! I heard him hollar, "Call the police! We got a possum in our backyard!!!" So then the first thing that went through my mind was rabies!!!

I called the police and they were there in minutes. Three cars and five officers..hahaha!! So they scrambled around and got the possum out of the yard and off he went. The officers took a look at my arms and told me to go to the ER. By now it is 2:30 AM and we were getting dressed to go to the hospital!!

When I got to the ER and into triage I told them my story. The doctor called the police to verify that it was a possum, and then they poured an alcohol mixture over my arms and I screamed bloody murder! My arms were already on fire!!! Now they felt as though someone was amputating them!! All I could hear while I was in the room was everyone talking about the lady who got attacked by the possum. Even the police came into the hospital!! Ha!! Then they pumped me full of MORE antibiotics and gave me a tentus shot and something for pain. I got back home about 4:30 AM and went straight to bed and did not wake up until 8 PM the next night!!

Okay's a little advice. If you or your dogs hear something first get them into the house. Second, get a flashlight. Third, NEVER reach into a bush when you do not know what is in there!!! Ha!!!

Copyright 2004 Debbie Cantrell Bowers

The midi playing is called "Spooky." It is used with permission. The performer, arranger and composer is Yuko Ogashimi. Copyright 1996-2003.


The photograph used, with permission, in making this set is
Annie Reb.

The possum photo was found on the internet. It was not taken by Debbie.