Mommie's LIL Girl by Debbie Cantrell Bowers



Mommie's LIL Girl

I carried her for nine month's and eight days,
and in my womb she loved to play!
When she was born so little and sweet..
I knew God had sent me this angel treat!
I always held her in my arms,
or carried her on my hip away from harm.
She always laughed and loved to play..
what a beautiful and fun baby I would say.
As time went by her Daddy left us one day..
And I promised both my kids I would always stay!
With two children and being a single mom, too.
Well she grew into a beautiful woman,
which was no surprise to me..
I thought the beauty would grow inside too, you see.
I raised her with love and spoiled her rotten..
But that's okay, I just did not want to be forgotten!!!
Then one day a guy named Craig picked her up to go on a date..
I sat up and waited and waited as it got very late..
Well my lil girl did not come back home to me.
I called all her friends..crying where could she be???
I drove the roads day and night..trying to find her before it was too late.
Terrible thoughts kept running thru my mind..
One night at 2 am found Craig's house...
Got out of the car and ran to the door. Screaming and crying..
I stumbled to the door.....
My lil girl had never done this before!
Out the back came my worst nightmare..
Craig the guy who took her away from home was there,
he would not let me see her face or hear her voice..
Instead he called the police on meee!!
When they arrived..I told them what he'd done
They made him bring Tiffanie outside for me to see..
She had just turned see
So I had to leave my lil girl with him alone.
And then I cried at every mile of the way home!
You see I lost my lil girl that day...
Now in her life there was no role for me to play!
All the important events in life you look forward to in glee..
Had all just been taken away from me.
There was her wedding to him..I heard it was nice..
Then came my first grandchild, a boy
They did not even call to let me know..
I moved to the mountains after Craig took my lil girl away.
But I only live a few hours drive away..
Then she had a beautiful lil girl..named Tayler..
They never thought to bring the kids to visit me.
My daughter..someone I thought I knew..
Has let this man..keep her from her mother, you see
And this hurts every fiber of me.
Having her mother in her life, as she has the choice,
Though she knows what's right she does not use her voice.
This loss has created a void in my life and heart that can never be filled,
Too many years of birthdays missed, calls or goodwill wishes..
Mother's Day is just another day.
As I have two kids who have really lost their way.
I only pray..they do not have this pain someday..
But 13 years of pushing their mother away...
Will have to come back on them one day!!!


Copyright Debbie Cantrell Bowers 2003






Brenda Hoddinott is the artist who painted this wonderful painting.   The painting remains her copyright and is entitled 

The Midi playing is called "Touched by a Rose" and is performed by Bruce Deboer. Copyright 2003. It is used with his permission.

Nov 29, 2001