A Fuzzy White Snowball by Debbie Cantrell Bowers



A Fuzzy White Snowball

Let me tell you a story about a very different cat and how she came into our lives. About a year ago, it was winter and very cold. I had a doctor's appointment early that morning at 8:30 a.m. which was too early for me, but as I was driving the short drive there, my mind was on all the errands that needed to be run that day. And I really do not like running errands at all! I tried to remember all the things that I wanted to tell the doctor. I just wanted to get that visit over with. As I approached the office and turned into the driveway, out of the corner of my eye I saw something. It looked like a white flash going so fast that I could not even tell what it was.... Not far behind were nurses and a couple other women chasing what looked to be a baby kitten. It was pure white and was scared to death. It was running just as fast as its' lil legs could go!! I got out of the car and joined in for a couple of minutes. It was so scared, and most likely NEVER had six people chasing her before! Ha!

Well, as much as I wanted that lil ball of white fur, I did have an appointment that I had to rush to in order to make it barely on time!!! As I checked in, I looked around the waiting room and it was packed full of people! All I could think of was that I would be there for quite some time!!! I was hoping for a quick "in and out" visit but that was not going to be today! I still hoped that the little kitty would some how still be out there when I was done with my visit. I am an animal lover and do rescue work and have raised different breeds of dogs and persian cats. I have six doggies. Four are Maltese, one is a Bichon, and one is a Yorkie. They are my life!!! But I had not had a cat for at least a couple of years and I did miss not having one.

Whoopie!!! My doctor visit was done. "Let's pay the bill and get out of here!", I thought to myself. I rushed outside dropping papers, prescriptions and more, and had to pick them all up. All the while I was thinking about what my Granny always told me about "haste makes waste." I am good at that!!! So immediately I started to look for my white kitty. I walked all around the building calling her and then walked around the offices on each side. I figured someone had gotten her. I just hoped she had gone to a good home. It must have been an hour that I spent looking. My fingers were numb and by now I was ready to go back to my car.

When I got back to the parking lot and started towards my car, I was still thinking about her but was trying to get back on my errand track. As I walked up to the car, I was reaching into all of my pockets trying to find my keys. Well, they were not there! So I went on up to my car and threw my purse down and emptied it out onto the hood of the car. As I did this, I felt something hit my shoe. Something from my purse, no doubt! But as I looked down, I saw that it was the lil kitty. My heart jumped for joy!!! The poor lil thing had crawled up into my engine to stay warm, and the banging of my giant purse had scared the daylights out of her!!! Ha!! I just reached down and picked her up. It was LOVE at first sight!! All errands at this point were not going to be done...at least not today! She was very small, sweet, and soft, and was covered with oil and grease!! Ha!

I found my keys and we got into the car. As I turned on the heat, then it hit me.. UH-OH...I have a husband at work who knows nothing of this and has told me no more animals. Okay, so I forgot!! So now I had to get home and give her a bath. When Danny got home I was going to have to plead and beg for her to have a home with us. There would also be six doggies very upset with me!! Ha! So off we went back to the house. This story really gets good so stay tuned, my friends!!!!!

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