A Fuzzy White Snowball-Part Two by Debbie Cantrell Bowers




A Fuzzy White Snowball-Part Two

As I tried to concentrate on my driving, I could not take my eyes off of her because she was so precious. All of a sudden, the heater fan clicked on and I could not see ANYTHING. She was plastered across my face, just like the Garfield ones that have all four paws stuck onto the window! Ha! Well, it was not funny then, and I knew that I was all over the road. Luckily we live in a very small town, as I needed the whole road at that moment!! I could not get her off my face. Her claws were wrapped around my head and were entangled in my hair. I tried pushing her belly to the side so that I could see to pull over without going off the mountain!! Ha!! Suddenly I heard a car, and realized that I had been laying on the horn. I finally just ripped her off my face, leaving me with beautiful cat claw marks from my hairline to my nose. Her back claws had left marks all across my neck!!! "Okay...I can see now," I thought to myself. I was in the other lane, and I think the guy saw what was happening cuz he had completely stopped his car, so that was nice. Now I had blood running down my face and looked like I was starring in a horror movie. I am thinking now to myself, "Now do I really want this cute lil thing???" Of course she was scared out of her mind and so was I. She had never been in a car before, but to my defense, neither had I ever had a cat plastered across my face while driving, either!!!

Okay, so now we were getting close to home and I did not know where the kitty was in the car, as I had screamed loudly while yanking her off my face. She was in here some where!! Lord please let me get home alive!!! Ha!! As I turned onto my street, she suddenly decided to do racetrack around the car and me, trying to make a getaway no doubt!!! So I pulled into the driveway inbetween her racing around in my vision area. I finally made it home. WHOOOPIE!!! Okay, now I just had to get her into the house and close all of the doors! Oh no!! As I looked up to the house to see where I would be walking just in case my eyes happened to get covered again, I saw that Danny, my husband, was home. He had gotten home a little early. GREAT!!! The windows were tinted so he could not see my face and the blood, but I was sure he must have been wondering why I did not open the door and get out. Well, I am in the car and trying to find the lil terror but she was nowhere in sight. She had probably hidden as I had turned the car off.

So here is how a woman's mind works....I can just leave her in the car while I go on in and tell Danny the story. However, it is not gonna be a good time to ask him if we can keep her after one look at me!!! Ha! Ha! I just knew she would dart out the minute I opened the door and then that would be the end of her. That possibly could have been why she was running around outside in the winter to begin with. There may be another victim like me out there!!! If she did not dart out and I got myself out safely, why she could shred the insides of that car in a matter of minutes! So what should I do? Oh great...here comes Danny... "Why are you sitting in the car??" I rolled the window down just a bit and all I heard was, "What happened to you???" "Come on, let's get inside!!" Okay... so I had to tell him I found a kitty. Looking at me he said, "You mean you found a wildcat." "No, a little white kitty." I told him that if I got out she could dart out and it is too cold out and she would not make it outside. "We could find a home for her," I thought to myself. Ha..Ha..

Danny said to get on in the house and he would get her. So I did, but I was feeling the pain from all the cat scratches which felt like razor cuts! I really thought that Danny would just get her out of the car and let her go. However, I had to clean my face and give it some medical attention and change into an old t-shirt so Icould get back out there in a hurry. Well, it is not easy when you have six doggies and they are right underneath your feet every step that you take. That sure did not help me at all!!! As I came down the stairs I could hear Danny hollering, and in he comes with the lil terror. As he tried to hold her, she clawed him up and down both arms and he let out a scream *********and dropped her. As soon as her lil feet hit the ground, she saw all the doggies and she was gone!!! He said to just let her be, and he went to clean his wounds. She went and hid somewhere and I did not get a chance to narrow the search by closing the doors, so she had a really big range of hiding places!! I tried looking around, but no luck. I thought well tomorrow I will go to the store and get a litter box and cat food. Meanwhile, the doggies are going absolutely mad, knowing there is a cat in the house, and they are trying to hunt her down. "Well good luck," I told them!"

I heated up some leftovers and we ate dinner, but still not a sign nor a sound of the kitty. I was scared to go to bed!!! Ha!! But after everyone had calmed down and we had dinner, we went upstairs to bed and to watch a little tv.

Well, folks, where is she??? We had no clue!!! Stay tuned...it only gets better!!!!!!!

Copyright 2004 Debbie Cantrell Bowers




18 June 2002.

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