A Fuzzy White Snowball-Part Three by Debbie Cantrell Bowers


A Fuzzy White Snowball-Part Three

Well, where is that lil white snowball??? It is the next day and still no sign of her anywhere!! So I decided to go get a litter box and some cat food. Surely that would bring her out from where ever she is, wouldn't it??? Ok...that's the plan. Now off to the bathroom for a shower and to fix my hair. Yiiiikessssss!!! I caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror. How can I go anywhere looking like I have been attacked??? Okay, so let's try makeup. I hate it, but I did not want to be responsible for someone having a heart attack either!!! Ha!!! Well, it helped, but there was alot of scratches to cover, so I looked like one of those girls who stand on the corner!!! Ha!! So off I went to the store. I ran in to grab cat stuff like a litter box, cat food, a couple of toys and some tuna. Yea...that will get her to come out from where ever she is hiding!!! All cats love tuna, don't they???

I got to the checkout and everyone was looking at me. You know how some people will look at you but try to not let you see them!!! It is winter and I have my coat on, and rushed around the store so fast that I worked up quite a bit of sweat. So I took off my coat while I was in line at the checkout. There were four people ahead of me. So as I stood there and thought of the different places my lil snowball could be, a lady tapped me on the shoulder and passed me a card. Hmmmm....what could this be?? Well, I guess my makeup had melted off, as it was a card for the local domestic violence shelter!!! GREAT!! I immediately turned around to explain the whole finding a kitty thing and her wrapping around my face as I was trying to get her home and had to pull her off, etc. However, the sweet lady just looked at me and said, "Honey you do not have to explain to me or make excuses for him. Just come to the shelter and get some help!" HELP!!! Yeah...come home with me and see what I need help with. No I did not say that but I should have! Ha! But the more I tried to explain to her the more she told me not to defend him!! "OOOOHHH please let me get to the cashier and go home," I thought to myself. I have been in abusive relationships before and where was she then??? I finally got up to the cashier, paid my bill, and then ran to the car!!!

I opened the trunk and threw in the litter box, food, and toys and shut it, and turned around to get in the car and there she was!!! She begged me to come with her, to go to the police, anything, just go with her. I firmly told her no again. I once again explained that what I had told her was true, that it was a lil white kitty that had done this to me ,and that I had put on makeup just so I could go to the store to get the cat things. So I thanked her for her concern and got into the car and finally made it home! WHEW!!!!

I could hear my doggies barking as they always do when someone pulls up into the driveway. I was already thinking of what plan to use first if the kitty was not out of hiding!!! So I carried the bags into the house.

Immediately I calmed the doggies down by giving them treats...hehehe....so there was no barking now. I got a couple of bowls, as I knew the doggies would not share their water or anything with this new, unwanted by "them" cat!! So I shook up the bag and hollered, "Here kitty, kitty!," as I had no name for her yet! I had almost forgotten what she looked like!! The other cat I used to have would always come when I said that, but not this one. However, all of the doggies came! So I took up the bowl with the cat food in it and put it on the table. I put the doggies on the screened in front porch. Then I started going from room to room, very sweetly calling her, and I had the food bag in my hand and was shaking that. I went from room to room, nine altogether, and nothing. No kitty!! Did I dream this or what??? No messes...nothing torn up, as one bedroom was an unfinished redecorating project and was filled with everything. It was our "catch all" room. Well, a couple of hours had to have gone by and it was time to let the doggies in as they would catch cold and I could not shut all of the doors. So again I had to put three in my room and three in the office so that I could leave the other doors to the rooms that I did not want them in open!

So now my face was burning from the melted makeup and sweat getting into the cuts and it was time to start dinner. Danny was at an appointment and I had told him that she would be out and bathed and beautiful when he came home.... This was NOT to be!!! So I was gonna have to deal with him, and I decided to fix his favorite dinner. I got it started and went up to my bathroom and washed all the makeup off my face and doctored it up, then went back to the kitchen. Dinner was going well, but the doggies were mad and barking. So I let them out before Danny got home so that they could run around and release their stress. Hey, I needed to be out there with them, too!!!

Well, we were going on 24 hours of having a kitty that we had not seen nor heard from since bringing her into the house. I just knew that if she did not come out, that when she finally did, Danny would not let me keep her!!! I let the doggies in as I heard a car. Danny must be home. All of them were going nutso barking as they always did when someone came to our house. I had put out the purrrrfect dinner...hahahaha!! I waited for him to come in, but no Danny. The dogs continued to bark like crazy, so I thought that OOOOHHH they had found the kitty. I got up and rushed to where they were, at the front door, and figured that she must be out there. However, I opened the door and you will not believe who was there!!! It was the domestic violence lady with a man in a suit!! She must have written down my license plate number. What was I gonna do?? This only happens on Oprah!! Danny was due home at any minute. Were we going to jail??? What was next...as if this was not enough in only 24 hours!!!

Well, my friends, stay tuned as I have to go fix dinner!!!!

Copyright 2004 Debbie Cantrell Bowers



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