A Fuzzy White Snowball-Part Four by Debbie Cantrell Bowers


A Fuzzy White Snowball-Part Four

Well here I was with the domestic violence lady in our home and Danny was due home any minute, and I was trying to get her to believe me!! She saw all the doggies and heard them. too! So then she said, "Well show me this kitten that did this to your face." Good grief, I could not even find her! So I tried to explain that to her while meanwhile, the man in the suit was just writing away in his notebook!!! I told her that the only reason I went to the store was to get the cat some food, toys, and litterbox, hoping she would then come out!!! Plus, it did not help that I was so nervous about Danny getting home any minute. It had not been a good day!!! Where was this lady when I had really needed her help??

She told me that they were making a report but nothing more at this time, and that I was to call her as soon as I got the kitty to come out of hiding!!! Well, that gave me some time to find that kitten. Did I even have one???? LOLOL!!! So I did another check around all the rooms and NOTHING!!!! I had to let the doggies back in. I was in a cold sweat, and the dinner that I had worked so hard on was way past being done!! Then I noticed that from all the stress and more that was to come, that I was breaking out in hives. That was just what I needed!!!

I heard Danny pull up into the driveway, and I tried to compose myself, as I was looking like someone in a Freddy Krueger movie!!! Ha! He came inside, and before the screen door even shut, he asked,"Where's the kitten???" I was NOT gonna tell him anymore than I had looked all day for her and had gone to the store and got cat food, etc. Then he noticed that I was beet red. "What happened to you?" I told him that it was just my nerves, and that I had been worried about whether the kitten was still alive and if she had somehow gotten out and ran away. So Danny did a house check, calling her and rattling the cat food bag. Still no cat!!!!

We ate dinner and I kept looking for her till I was so exhausted that I went to bed. I dosed off for a short while and woke up hearing like a baby crying. The doggies all had their ears up and were kinda growling, getting ready to bark. I calmed them down and then I went downstairs. Since the house was quiet and dark and I had gotten up and turned the lights on, I guess this scared the cat.

I did not hear anything else and since it was 2 AM, I was not gonna stay up all night hunting down this kitten, if that was what I heard!!! So I just decided to go back to bed! Well when I got into bed all comfy, I was wide awake and thinking of more places she could be. As I tried to think of something else to do to get her to come out, it hit me! Hey bring out Simba's old lil stick toy with a feather on it and go thru the rooms. I just knew she was in the guest room where everything was piled up and boxes and stuff to donate etc. So I fixed myself some hot tea, turned the tv on low, and started on my mission...FIND FUZZY!!!!

I did a good check of the living room and ran the feather under the couch and behind furniture I could not get to. Still no luck!! I sat down and sipped on my tea, as I dreaded going into the guest room!! Ha!! Plus, that would take awhile, too!!!

So while I was up and was going to be for awhile, I decided to do a load of clothes and threw them into the washer. I did not want to get the step ladder out to get the detergent which was up above the washer and way out of my reach!! So I had a brainstorm that I would just crawl up on the washer and get the detergent. Well I got up there, and my knee hit the button to turn the washer on and I had my arm out. Well folks, you ain't never seen a cat jump straight up from under the washer, and the only thing she could grasp was my arm, so here we go! I started screaming bloody murder and scared this kitten even more. She clawed her way up my arm and up my face, and held on for dear life!! I screamed for Danny, while holding her front paws. She was on my head, and her back claws were in the back of my neck. Oh..I was covered with blood again, and the detergent fell on top of us BOTH, and I fell off the washer with kitten still attached. Danny came around the corner and saw us and just pulled her off my head, not thinking her claws were imbedded in me!!! So then she started going spastic on him, and he hollered for me to get the pet kennel. So I ran upstairs, dripping blood as I went, got it, and brought it down. He got her in it and locked it. She was so traumatized! Danny said he would come down later and put some food and water in the kennel.

Meanwhile, I went into the bathroom and saw all the damage, although I could not see my scalp. I could see that my arms were cut and scratched and bleeding again, and that I was bleeding from the back of my neck and my face looked much worse. I looked like I had been with Freddie Krueger...you know the guy in the movies who had those long steel razor like fingers. I asked Danny if he thought that I needed stiches, as my head and hair were matted with blood. Oh and let's not forget I was covered with Gain detergent, which was sticking to the blood and stinging the daylights out of me!!! He said he thought that we should go to the ER, as I could not clean myself up because this time the cuts were too deep. I had also been attacked by a kitten with NO shots!!!! Danny told me to get a blanket so that I would not get blood all over the car so I did, and off we went to the ER!! I did not find the kitten and did not know if I wanted her now, but we knew where she was at!! Okay..stay tuned..and see what happens next!!!! Ha!!!

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20 June 2003.
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