On the Edge of Goodbye by Debbie Cantrell Bowers





On the Edge of Goodbye

Thru your eyes...I thought I wore a crown
when in reality all you did was put me down
called me names....and broke my heart
sometimes..I..just wanted to die
just almost everyday..I cried
or would think do I have the guts to leave?
some days..I had to remind myself to breathe
I had no one to call for support.....
It got so bad...I thought why eat??
No one to call ..no where to go..
Then it wasn't enough to just make me cry,
I realized you wanted my spirit to die..
You used me and abused me....
I lost my pride and my laughter..
then I knew that's what you were after!
You drove me to the edge of Goodbye!
You wanted me to be down and out and cry.
Then I was up all night ..and couldn't sleep,
cried all day ..just trying to find my way.
No one there...all alone..
Too afraid to pick up the phone,
who would I call..what would I say??
They wouldn't believe me anyway...
They've set the stage..that it is all my fault,
So any person I called..it would be put to a halt!
Don't they all see what they have done????
My spirit cries out..but they don't hear it..
after all they are the ones who took my heart and seared it!
I'm on the edge...the edge of Goodbye...
But God in Heaven ..knows I tried..
And he knows the ones that lied.

Copyright 2004 Debbie Cantrell Bowers



The Midi playing is called "Their Spirits Cry" and is performed by Bruce Deboer. Copyright 2003. It is used with his permission.