Pack Your Suitcase by Debbie Cantrell Bowers







Pack Your Suitcase

Pack your suitcase and take your raincoat,
For the raining heartaches they will not stop
your heart from breaking,
nor will it stop all the aching.

It will not shield you from this kind of rain,
hope you're strong enough for this level of pain.
Pack your suitcase and take your lies,
maybe then I can finally have dry eyes!

Pack all my pain and heartaches,
that you filled my heart with.
If you don't know where to look
they are all sitting in my broken heart.

It's raining hard, it's raining cold,
so bundle up you're gonna need it.
your words are mean, and your hearts are cold,
it's raining hard, and oh so cold.

And pack all the times you said, I Love You
as actions speak much louder than your words,
and all the actions were not there...too much for me to bear.
And the saddest thing of all is you didn't even care!!

And pack your freedom and your precious time,
cuz I don't need them...they're not worth even a dime.
And be sure to take your're gonna need it.
And learn forgiveness..your're gonna need it..real soon sometime!

And don't forget the memories....
be sure and pack them, too!!!!!!
Although the last 12 years..they are very few,
they caused me take them with you, too.

And take all the calls you just hung up, you knew who was calling you,
just trying to give you my love.
To you it was a me it was unbearable pain!
So get ready for the rain!!!

And all the times..I called in need..
my medicines and such..
but to all of you it did not mean much,
so pack that mental suitcase now.

And then..I'll cleanse my heart,
and give it time to heal.
And I promise to myself,
to NEVER let you in,
and NEVER let the pain,
get in my heart AGAIN!!!!!

Copyright 2004 Debbie Cantrell Bowers





Midi playing is called "Under the Willow" and is performed by Bruce Deboer. Copyright 2003. It is used with his permission.